When I founded HTC in 1982, my vision was to build a lean marketing and design firm that cuts through the clutter with breakthrough ideas. I looked forward to many years of innovative campaigns and branding initiatives, but little did I know how far we would come or how big our ideas would get.

In the mid-90s we quickly embraced the potential of the Web as a marketing tool. I remember how exciting it was to discover a new canvas to paint on, this new channel to explore. Luckily, our clients came on board too, and together we developed ground-breaking online strategies. Our pioneering spirit helped us launch one of the very first Canadian e-Commerce sites for Reader’s Digest. We’ve delivered effective Internet solutions ever since.

By 2000, it became clear to me that our clients needed more from their websites. Giving them control over their own content became a priority at HTC, and our solution was to develop IgnitionWeb. This Internet marketing platform has grown with our clients’ needs to become an incredibly powerful Content Management System, publishing tool, and e-Commerce solution. Our clients are able to inform, promote and transact online with this user-friendly and robust software suite.

Our success building IgnitionWeb, with its three final nominations in the Canadian e-Business Leadership awards, proved our ability to create cutting-edge Web-based software. So, when we encountered the limitations of the time tracking applications available on the market, we decided to build our own. We launched HourGlass, the easy-to-use time tracking and task management software, in 2001. We’ve used it ourselves ever since, and we made it available to the public in 2006.

Now our clients experience the same savings and increased productivity from the software we developed to meet our own needs. Using HourGlass, they can keep track of time, resources and expenses to stay comfortably on budget, while their customers appreciate increased accuracy, accountability and transparency.

The 2009 release of version 3.0 has taken HourGlass to new levels of usability, functionality, performance and productivity. All this has been made possible by the hard-working HTC team, and the valuable feedback and suggestions contributed by a community of customers and testers. We are in constant dialogue with our users and believe strongly that it is this communication that has helped us build such a sophisticated application.

We look forward to continuing that dialogue as the years go on,
Tom Kouri
High-Touch Communications Inc., Proud Makers of IgnitionWeb and HourGlass.