The user-friendly HourGlass system helps organizations with Web-based time & expense tracking and task management solutions. There are no setup fees, activation fees, servers to maintain, or software to install. A browser and a few mouse clicks are all you need to use our innovative product. Start your HourGlass test drive in less than one minute or subscribe and your first 3 months are free.

What can HourGlass do for your organization?

Boost Profitability

  • Eliminate those lost hours each day by increasing employee accountability
  • Take the mystery out of your invoices. Impress your clients with a detailed account of your time and offer them complete transparency.
  • Faster, more detailed invoicing gets you paid faster!

More billable hours + time saved explaining invoices = $$$ Profit

Capitalize on Web-based Convenience

  • Track time, track expenses and manage tasks anywhere there is Internet access
  • Leave your laptop at the office. Your data is stored securely online, available wherever the Internet is accessible
  • Provide universal compatibility; whether your platform is PC, Mac or Linux, a browser is all you need

Optimize Efficiencies in Time & Task Management

  • Integrate HourGlass into your daily business workflow. When you sign on to your computer, log in to HourGlass first, use it to identify your tasks and plan your day
  • Closely monitor schedules and budgets. Assign tasks, see when they’re completed and how long it took. With up to the minute reports, you can see if you’re staying on time and within budget

Incorporate HourGlass into your essential business processes

Using HourGlass to track time and manage your tasks will soon become an integral part of your business process. Just like email, the telephone or your accounting system, HourGlass will become a part of your core business operations. Affordable and powerful, you’ll soon benefit from The HourGlass Advantage.

Accountability & Transparency

Use HourGlass to demonstrate your dedication to building trust in your business practices through a commitment to accountability and transparency.
  • Accountability for billable time: customers demand it, you need it and now you can get it. Use HourGlass to improve your utilization rate by accounting for each minute of your day.
  • Transparency is the best way to demonstrate your integrity and honesty. HourGlass helps you be completely candid with your clients by generating detailed reports that clearly indicate precisely how your time was spent.


Highly Effective

HourGlass empowers your organization to maximize your business opportunities. Minimize ‘lost time’ that can disappear in frenzied multitasking days. Doing so will increase your billable hours and in turn your revenues. Sign up now!

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