Why HourGlass is Better

Our clients choose HourGlass because it’s an elegant and simple solution to their complex time tracking and task management needs. Here are some of the reasons they love our product as much as we do:

1. Easy-to-Use

HourGlass has a simple, user-friendly interface to make time tracking, task management and administration a breeze. Interface optimally adapts to mobile device screens.

2. Fully Bilingual
HourGlass can be used in English or French, allowing users to view the platform in their preferred language.

3. Cutting-edge Security
Your data is stored securely at our datacenter, and the application itself is encrypted, giving you better protection than the average bank vault.

4. Help
Our platform is supported by a team of experts based in North America. We are just a click or a phone call away and are dedicated to responding to your needs quickly and effectively.

5. Frequent Feature Updates
HourGlass is routinely updated with new and improved features and functions. We listen to your needs and review all feature requests from our users with careful consideration.

6. Worldwide Control
Managing employees across multiple locations and time zones was never easier. The system accounts for employees making entries in their local time zone, giving you greater control over your billing cycle.

7. Privileged Access
The HourGlass platform gives you the ability to customize access to reports, timesheets, task management and other features according to your company hierarchy.

8. Stay Up-to-Date
Email notifications can be enabled to be automatically sent through the system when tasks are created and/or completed.

9. Detailed Reporting
Reviewing timesheets, billable ratios, expenses or tracking budgets are just some of the many reporting functions supported by HourGlass. Reports can be viewed as HTML or Microsoft Excel documents, to give you maximum control over your data.

10. Simplified Task Management
Creating, modifying or completing tasks, milestones and deadlines is a breeze with HourGlass, and the Task Manager Upload feature lets you upload a task spreadsheet directly into the system.