HourGlass delivers business benefits through features and functions that help you get the most out of your team and your data. All features are rigorously tested for each new release. Read more about improvements to the current version of HourGlass on the Release Notes page.

Feature Benefit
Ease of use User compliance leads to more accurate billing & reporting
Bilingual (English/French) Users view the interface in their preferred language
Mobile compatible Review assigned tasks, track time and expenses in an interface optimized for mobile devices
Flexible and easily customized Adapts to the needs of your company
Projection and estimation tools Effective task management
One-click access Quick page retrieval saves time
Email notifications Keep everyone in the loop when tasks or due dates change
256-bit SSL security and authentication Data remains secure and private
Hosted in a highly secure data centre Only administrators have access to data
16 robust reports Focus on the information you want and run reports in HTML or as editable Excel files
Delinquent user alerts Get notified if timesheets are empty
Simplified invoicing Export invoices in Excel for quick and easy billing
Recurring charges Maintain recurring charge profiles on a per-client basis
Taxes charged Manage multiple tax profiles for different clients and/or locations
License-based Active licenses can be transferred from deactivated employees
Multiple time zone support Manage multiple locations or remote employees
Fast page loads No loss of productivity filling out timesheets and getting reports
Internet/Browser based Can be used anywhere in the world
Real-time input and reporting Up-to-the-second information
24/7 online support available Problems and questions resolved quickly
Developed by a vendor with time tracking and task management needs Better understanding of your needs